Steel cutting

CNC gas and plasma cutting of steel. Band saws. Manual plasma cutting.

Specialized high-tech welding

Welding of high pressure systems. Field welding. High alloy welding. High quality welding of various steel structures.

Assembly works

Assembly of middle and large part structures. Assembly of mechanical units and aggregates. Repair and modernization of units.

Machining, heat treatment

Wide range machining and heat treatments operations.

Sandblasting and painting

Sandblasting of ready pieces and units. Painting of products.

Sheet metal corrugations

Sheet metal corrugation up to 12m long, up to 2.5 m wide, sheet thickness 2-6 mm.

Engineering support

Services of design engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers. High-skilled specialists with worldwide experience and up-to-date software.

Installation works

Fit-up assembly and installation works of steel structures at our facility pads and customer sites. Installation of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems.

Quality control

Quality control and assurance as well as up-to-date non-destructive testing in accordance with the top worldwide standards, including ISO 9001.