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qualified specialists

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experts with higher engineering education

Prefabrication bay

  • CNC gas & plasma steel cutting
    • up to 12 m long plate
    • up to 2.5 m wide plate
    • plate thickness:
      – 3-20 mm for plasma cutting
      – 20-150 mm for gas cutting

    Bend saws. High quality, precise and fast cutting of profiled steel materials. Prefabrication parts up to 410 mm high and 700 mm wide.

    Manual plasma cutting (pars cutting and cutting out).


  • Fabrication of steel structures of diverse types and configurations
  • Certified and high-skilled welders
  • The works are performed in accordance with global standards and codes (AWS D1.1, API, ANSI, ISO, GOST)
  • Magnetic-particle inspection of welds
  • Ultrasonic inspection of welds
  • Semiautomatic welding (MIG) Fronius machines (50 pcs)
  • Argon arc welding TIG
  • Manual electric-arc welding MMA
  • Field MMA welding of pipelines and other steel structures: 6 Lincoln Electric welding diesel generators
  • Welding of high pressure systems and high alloy pipes
  • ТHeat treatment of girth welds: Weldotherm machine, up to six Ø 2″, 3″ and 5″simultaneous joints
  • Weld deposition of up to 3000 mm sheaves

Plate bending

  • Mechanical and hydraulic plate bending machines: max. 3200 mm, 120 t
  • Guillotine shears – 2000 mm х 3 mm, 2000 х 16 mm
  • вBending rolls – 2500 x 20 mm
  • Fabrication of corrugated plates, fuel tanks, tanks and reservoirs

Sandblasting and painting

Airless Graco coating system


  • Lathe works (machines 16K20, 16К25, 1М63, DIP300, DIP500)
  • Milling (max 1500 х 500 mm)
  • Horizontal boring machine (Ø25-Ø1000 mm, accuracy 0.01 mm, prefabricated members up to 8 t)
  • Turning-and-boring lathe (up to Ø2000 mm)
  • Drilling boring, radial drilling boring works
  • Tooth cutting (Ø up tо 1600mm)
  • Broaching works (7B56 up to 40t)
  • Planer-type machine works (7210 to 2120)
  • Flat grinding, circular grinding and internal grinding machine
  • Pipe cutter, cutting of taper threads for drill collars
  • Multi-axis boring machine 2А450 800 х 500 mm, up to 0.01 mm

Heat treatment

Hardening, carburizing and tempering. Max. dimensions ranging from 1000 х 1500 mm.

General characteristics

  • 20 hectares facility
  • 50,000.00 m2 of warehouse premises
  • High performance crane equipment
  • Integrated rail track
  • Steel stowing and storage facilities